I am Indre Naujokiene and I am textile artist. My passion is natural products and interior design.

My professional journey with wool began in 2010 and still I am here with Love and joy to my creations. All my designed items are practiced by myself, because I create my home decor with my created home ware. So I really design things that I do Love by me.  

As the artist it is my honor to create pieces that are functional and fashionable, surprising and sophisticated.

I live and work surrounded by nature.  Nature is my daily inspiration, I go for a walk every day with my dog and my camera to search for interesting shapes that nature creates.

I create things that make me and others happier in everyday life. I wish that my creatures would make you smile in every moment you take a look at them.

Home is the feeling, these words leads me in my every day creativity.

Indre N.